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Welcome to Evacor

At Evacor, we help our clients hire winners and develop champions, and we mean it. But what does it mean?

Just like a sports team, a business needs people who will propel the organization to the top. It takes special skill to identify those people who will not just do the job, but will succeed at it. That's what it means to hire winners. It takes even more skill to make the right choices over and over again, making hiring winners a process that runs smoothly and continuously at every level in the organization. This is what every organization needs, and this is what we help them do.

Once you’ve chosen the right people, you want them to fulfill their potential and perform their best every day. Whether it’s identifying and growing the future leaders of your organization or developing current managers and executives to perform their best, we offer a wide array of tools and solutions to help you build champions.

The Evacor team has decades of experience designing solutions to meet the exacting standards of major international organizations. We look forward to building a solution that will meet the highest standards: Yours.

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